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Alexander’s Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Treatment with Verita Life 

Alexander, 60 years old, from Denmark, was diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma in 2009. To inhibit the growth of the disease, he turned to conventional treatments which included a surgical operation and Radiotherapy. Seven years later, the cancer had metastasised in numerous locations within both of his lungs.

No longer satisfied with the effects of conventional treatment, Alexander decided to take on different methods to address his condition. After extensive research, he found out about Verita Life. He asked to be put in touch with former patients whose testimonials he found on the Verita Life website. Following their talk, he decided to come to Verita Life for treatment.

In spite of having to deal with initial scepticism, Alexander was convinced to undergo Integrative Treatment at Verita Life when he visited the clinic and saw firsthand the experiences of other patients and their gains in fighting cancer at Verita life.

Improvements Experienced from Integrative Treatment

Alexander received numerous treatments from Verita Life. He primarily received Hyperthermia, Insulin-Potentiated Therapy, and Dendritic Cell Therapy as well as a fine-tuned Anti-Cancer Diet in order to thoroughly weaken the cancer cells. He was thoroughly impressed by the rationale behind the comprehensive nature of the various treatments he received from Verita Life.

I like the philosophy of weakening the cancer by attacking it from many sides. I am a food scientist by education so I have very strong opinions on diet. And I have had very good discussions with doctors here.”

Aside from the overall quality of the treatment he received, Alexander also appreciated the care he received from his medical team.

What is Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma?

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (ACC), is a malignant, abnormal tissue growth that manifests in secretory glands. The disease commonly occurs within both minor and major salivary glands found within the head and neck areas. Other potential areas where the disease can first manifest include the lacrimal gland, vulva, skin, and trachea.

Early signs of the disease are contingent upon where the disease first manifests. Painless masses around the mouth or face will grow slowly, these lesions of salivary glands are among the common early signs of the disease. In later stages, tumours can cause nerve paralysis and/or pain. The disease has a tendency to attack peripheral nerves. Tumours that originate within the lacrimal gland may cause changes in vision as well as proptosis. ACC that stems from the tracheobronchial tree will tend to manifest with symptoms resembling respiratory ailments. Tumours from the larynx tend to affect speech.

Verita Life’s Integrative Treatment works to address cancer by comprehensively weakening it and at the same time rebuilding the body’s wellness.

Cancer treatments employed by Verita Life include Insulin Potentiated Therapy, a less concentrated version of Chemotherapy and Local Hyperthermia, a procedure that applies high temperatures to tumours work to weaken cancer cells within the body without causing any adverse side-effects commonly associated with conventional treatment.

Alongside these, Verita Life also employs treatments that aid the body in rebuilding its natural capacity to fight against cancer. Dendritic Cell Treatment works to aid the body’s natural mechanisms in identifying and neutralising the growth of cancer cells. Verita Life patients are also provided with a Personalised Anticancer Diet which provides optimal nutrition for the patient, at the same time starving cancer cells of the fuel they require.

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