Wadim Balassinowitsch Gastric Cancer Patient
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A Gastric Cancer Patient From Australia Finds Hope


Life is precious. Don’t beat around the busy. Do it for your family, do it for yourself”

Wadim, 69, from Australia had never been sick a day in his life until he was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in his stomach, liver, lungs and peritrium and given only 90 days to live. Offered blood transfusions as the only option to potentially prolong his life, Wadim was left without hope as his religious beliefs left him unable to accept. That is until he contacted Verita Life.

At Verita Life Wadim underwent an intensive 6 week program which included Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT), local hyperthermia, Immune Therapy with Natural Killer (NK) cells, Vitamin C infusion, herbal therapy and more.

Following treatment Wadim’s results showed a decrease in tumour markers and an overall improvement in his physical and emotional well being.

What is Gastric Cancer

According to the World Health Organisation, Gastric Cancer is the world’s third most common cause of cancer-related death. It occurs when malignant cells form in the lining of the stomach. In advanced stages, it may spread to nearby organs.

As with most forms of cancer, standard treatments include Radiation and Chemotherapy, both of which may or may not lead to remission but have a large chance of doing harm to other organs. This is why more patients are opting for Alternative Treatments.

Gastric Cancer Infographic - Verita Life

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