What Is EWOT ?

Known as EWOT ( Exercise With Oxygen Therapy ), this is another therapy that has obtained far-reaching results. It uses light physical exercise as a platform to oxygenate a patient’s bloodstream.

An oxygen mask is worn during the activity which helps to quickly send oxygen through to the capillaries. This has been proven effective in cancer care simply because cancer cells have a hard time existing in an oxygen-rich environment.

Another main purpose of Exercise With Oxygen Therapy is to prevent muscle loss, known as cachexia.

“…has been proven effective in cancer care simply because cancer cells have a hard time existing in an oxygen-rich environment

Why Choose Exercise With O2 Therapy ?

In cancer treatment, the oxygenation process helps to saturate the blood with oxygen during light physical activity. As stated by many reputable doctors, most notably Nobel Prize winner Dr. Warburg, cancer’s primary cause is an absence of any cell’s requirement of oxygen.

It is explained as the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar. This poor oxygenation is caused by a build-up of carcinogens and other toxins around the cells.

In short, EWOT combines exercise that increases circulation and oxygen therapy, which is delivered systemically through the increased blood flow. This is why in cancer treatment protocols, especially in integrative care, that oxygen therapy is extremely practical.

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