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As part of our cancer-fighting protocols, GcMAF injections can play an important role in cancer treatment. In combination with natural Immune-Boosting Therapies and specific cancer procedures, your body can have full use of its natural defenses while destroying the tumor.

The procedure is safe and well-tested so it carries very little risk. This is another tool that Verita Life’s clinic uses to ensure that our team can give you as many options as possible in your fight against cancer.

What are GcMAF / Goleic and Rerum ?

If at the beginning of all things, we would have to describe a foundation in immune cells, it would be GcMAF. It’s an essential protein in the body that combats different types of attacks on disease, many of which are beneficial to fighting cancer.

Its actual name is Gc Protein Macrophage Activating Factor, which is quite a mouthful, hence the acronym. Macrophages are large immune cells found in our bodies that are able to recognise, engulf and digest cancer cells. Also responsible for stimulating other immune cells, macrophages can be activated by ‘MAF’ (Macrophage Activating Factor), a naturally occurring protein. The precursor of MAF inside the body is called the Gc Protein.

Tumour cells produce nagalase, a special enzyme inhibiting the Gc Protein’s function leading to high nagalase levels resulting in lower MAF levels. The body’s macrophages subsequently cannot be activated, leading to the suppression of the immune system.

Complementary oncology utilises breakthrough GcMAF therapy (Goleic and Rerum) to counteract this effect and enhance the immune system.


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Why choose GcMAF / Goleic and Rerum Therapy ?

GcMAF Therapy regulates the human protein required to reactivate immune cells and boost patients’ immune systems. Many published peer-reviewed studies have proven that GcMAF Therapy is not only an immune activator but can be used as a natural cancer treatment.

In addition to rebuilding a diminished immune system, GcMAF/Goleic and Rerum inhibits angiogenesis (stops blood supply to tumours), activates macrophages and apoptosis (suicide of cancer cells); reverts cancer cells’ phenotype (characteristics) to normal healthy cells; reduces the metastatic potential of human cancer cells and increases energy production at the mitochondrial level.


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