Cancer’s malignancy is compounded by its inclination to spread beyond its primary location. Whereas most diseases are confined to the particular body organ or tissue in which they originate cancer, left undetected for long, will inevitably spread to surrounding tissues and other body organs. When a cancer does this it is said to metastasise. This dynamic nature of the disease makes it a particularly difficult one to treat, and, for close to a century, most approaches to the disease have relied on three methods of tackling it: chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. These three methods are invasive by nature and their combined side-effects, ravaging and greatly weakening the body, are known even to people outside medical circles and who have never had a close brush with cancer.

Moving Towards Less Invasive Methods of Cancer Treatment

Fortunately Science is not a static discipline. Medical advances and important milestones (though not daily occurrences) have introduced safer and better methods of tackling disease. The discovery and successful use of less invasive methods of treating cancer herald the beginning of a less traumatic experience for patients living with the disease. Rather than cut up the body and bombard it with copious drugs and rays, holistic methods, with Integrative Cancer Treatments as the backbone, have quickly moved into the mainstream arena as therapies of choice since no one really can argue in the face of solid results.

GcMAF Explained

One such weapon in the updated arsenal in the war against cancer (and classed under immunotherapies) is GcMAF. GcMAF is an acronym for Gc Protein Macrophage Activating Factor which is an essential protein in the body and which can be rightly described as the base or foundation of immune cells. This naturally occurring chemical is used to treat cancer by working with the body’s macrophages. These macrophages kill cancer cells by ‘eating’ or consuming them, a process known as phagocytosis. GcMAF activates the macrophages which transforms them into natural killer cells. They then kill the cancer cells directly (which they recognise them as being foreign) without the intervention of antibodies.

Macrophages, which provide both innate and adaptive immunity in the immune system, and which receive these ‘kill-instructions’ from GcMAF, are large phagocytic cells found in stationary form in body tissue or (with particular relevance to the subject at hand) as mobile white blood cells. Macrophages are usually located at sites of infection. Macrophages occur naturally in the body and can be found in the blood, bone marrow and connective tissue, in the intestines, lungs and in lymphoid tissue. They are also located in the skin, spleen and thymus.

Studies on using GcMAF to fight cancer have centered mainly on patients who had advanced cancer that proved resistant to other treatments. In these studies GcMAF was not used as a stand-alone treatment but was combined with an extract of olive oil known as oleic acid. Further research into the use of GcMAF to fight cancer also indicates that it can successfully be deployed as an inhibitor to new blood cell growth resulting in the cancer starving from a lack of oxygen. Research into this secondary use of GcMAF was conducted and observed in vitro (meaning outside the body). GcMAF was observed to block the growth of endothelial cells (which line all blood vessels), effectively stopping the formation of new blood vessel growth in cancerous tumours.

GcMAF’s Place in a Holistic Cancer Treatment Process

As earlier mentioned GcMAF was administered with an extract of olive oil in order for it to more efficiently kill cancer cells. It is important to emphasise here the importance of a holistic approach in confronting cancer while, as far as medically possible, maintaining the integrity of the whole body. The gains achieved in the use of GcMAF can be better consolidated if used in conjunction with other Integrative Cancer Therapies that, apart from eliminating cancer cells also help the body to recover faster while avoiding the debilitating after-effects of more traditional methods of fighting cancer.

Generally speaking the fight against cancer requires four broad-based approaches. In this quartet of holistic treatments each one has different goals with the end goal of all four (used together) being a healthy cancer-free body. A healed body in other words, and not just one that is cured of the cancer. Traditional methods may sometimes get rid of a cancer but they leave the body weak and ravaged, with a severely diminished quality of life for the patient to look forward to. Integrative cancer treatments specifically target the cancer cells leaving the clean cells intact. These alternative cancer therapies may also be used to boost other physiological functions which may have been weakened or compromised by the cancer. The net effect of this is that recovery from the disease is faster and less fraught with complications or the possibility of the cancer thriving while one recovers.  

Attacking cancer from all fronts

Cancer then may be attacked using Primary Cancer Treatments (to kill cancer cells) and Primary Immune Treatments (to boost the immune system). Further treatments designed to maintain the integrity of the body while the cancer is being treated include Supportive Treatments (geared towards rebuilding health) and Detox Treatments which support the wellbeing of the patient. The specific role of GcMAF in these integrative cancer treatments is to aid in killing cancer cells while at the same time, boosting the immune system.

Because GcMAF is used in tandem with natural immune-boosting therapies the body is able to retain full use of its natural defences while fighting the cancer. Some of these natural immune-boosting therapies include Dendritic Cell (which cultures, multiplies and trains the immune system), Natural Killer Cells and Peptide Therapy (used to stimulate the production of lymphocytes which play a key role in fighting cancer cells.

Whole Body Hyperthermia is also a natural immune-boosting therapy that is used in conjunction with GcMAF for better all round results in treating cancer with the ultimate goal of healing the body. Whole body hyperthermia induces an artificial fever in the body which serves to fully activate the immune system.

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