The Dalai Lama recently surprised the global community when, on March 22nd, he cancelled his remaining 2018 engagements, across the world. The Dalai Lama expressed age and exhaustion to be the reasons for such a decision. Later on, on April 10th, he got in touch with those who represent him in Russia to explain that he would visit Russia in June, requesting a teaching venue for him to be organised.

Unusually, the Dalai Lama was never set to make a visit to Latvia in 2018; this is because he made a visit in September, 2017. The reason for his 2018 visit was not because he had remedied his exhaustion and ill-effects of old age, but because of a cancer clinic in Riga, Latvia. Latvia hosts the Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic and uses the Riga Virus, or Rigvir Treatment as a method of treating its cancer patients.

Those who represent the Dalai Lama mentioned that the reason for the newly scheduled visit to Latvia is to “try to find a cure for his cancer”. Adding to this, it was mentioned that he had a treatment arranged for late October, 2017. Owing to his worsening health, his trip had to be moved forward to September. The Dalai Lama is currently in a sensitive condition, wherever he is seen to be walking, he is known to have a monk stand behind him to hold him for group photographs.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The Dalai Lama is diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Researchers at Cancer Research UK recently shared Prostate Cancer statistics, the most interesting of which is that 84% of men who are diagnosed with the disease can survive the disease for ten years or more, after being diagnosed. The Prostate Cancer treatment options, however, are limited. Research studies by Cancer Research UK observed that the majority of those with a diagnosis undergo Radiotherapy treatment (30%), Surgery (15%) and Chemotherapy (3%). These treatments are often harmful to existing healthy cells remaining in the cancer patient, whereas RigVir treatment is less harmful. The viral treatment targets infected tumour cells, replicates, then causes the tumour cells to rupture and die. This opens opportunities for answers to the age long question, ‘can Prostate Cancer be cured?’

Rigvir at Verita Life

Verita Life is a specialised alternative cancer treatment provider that offers Rigvir Treatment as a part of our Comprehensive Treatment protocol. The Medical Director of Verita Life Thailand, Dr Abdulla El Hossami, is a certified Rigvir Treatment expert. Verita Life is one of the few healthcare institutions across the globe that provides Rigvir and is able to combine it with other alternative treatments to obtain the best possible treatment outcome. For more information or to get in touch, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Source: ArtVoice