Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer is a broad term covering malignant tumour growths within the brain. There are two types of Brain Tumours, primary, and metastatic. Primary tumours are forms of Brain Cancer that originate from a part of the brain. Metastatic tumours on the other hand, are tumours, that come from another organ but reach the brain through metastasis. These are the more common type of Brain Cancer.

Common forms of primary Brain Cancer include meningiomas, gliomas, pituitary adenomas, medulloblastomas, and vestibular schwannomas.

Various forms of Brain Cancer do not cause a patient to exhibit symptoms. It is very possible for them to remain undetected until a CT scan or MRI is done. When symptoms do manifest they come in any combination of the following: headaches, weakness, clumsiness, difficulty in walking, seizures, vision abnormality, speech difficulty, and nausea.