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Verita Life’s many cancer care treatments include a host of biological therapies designed to fight cancer alongside our Primary Cancer-Fighting protocols. With a strong and healthy diet and proven supplemental therapies, your body can focus on defending itself against the spread of cancer.

Along with our proven strategies and uniquely-tailored cancer treatment plans, we can focus on delivering powerful and very safe regimens that help patients get better.

What is Metabolic Therapy ?

Metabolism plays a key role in both creating and defeating cancer. Metabolic Therapy uses a combination of special diets, enzyme therapy, nutritional supplements and other practices to try and remove harmful substances from the body and strengthen its resistance to illnesses.

Other practices may include colonic irrigation, organic supplements and even complementary medicine such as acupuncture. Cancer cells are nourished by certain fuel sources that inherently alter their cellular machinery to change how they consume and utilize nutrients such as the sugar glucose.

Inhibiting key enzymes in a cancer cell’s specific metabolic gait has the potential to disrupt the production of tumour cells without affecting normal cells.

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Why choose Metabolic Treatments ?

Metabolic Therapy provides a powerful new intervention point that can be sourced from many effective therapies already on the market. Herbal Medicine and off-label therapies, for example, can cause different reactions in the body’s immune system that will have adverse effects on cancer cell productivity.

One off-label treatments like Artesunate, a drug that was originally developed to fight malaria, was found to have a powerful anti-tumour action that was based on how it reacts to iron. It is basically used by the cells to create free radicals which cause cell death within the cancer cell.

Artesunate has been thoroughly researched and again, as an approved drug, is well-documented and completely viable for use where it can be effective.

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