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Verita Life clinic has administered IPT treatments for many of our patients and has achieved outstanding results. Alongside Primary Immune Treatments, we truly create a dangerous environment for cancer cells to thrive in.

These amazing results have been observed by our latest patients and are available to watch on the testimonials page. Achieving inspiring results with little to no side effects in cancer treatments is no longer impossible, it’s happening right here, right now.

What is IPT ?

IPT has become a staple in cancer care and is the subject of much positive research in the past few years. This therapy uses two conventional drugs, a specific hormone and low-dose chemotherapy drugs.

Basically, the concept involves knowing what tumours want, and tumours want sugar. Tumour cells are lined with 10-20 times more hormone-receptors than normal cells. So they are more aggressive and much more effective in collecting resources than your healthy cells.

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Why choose IPT ?

The introduction of a specific hormone reduces the blood glucose level to a safe minimum. By doing this, the cancer cells are weakened, their membranes become more permeable and the extra receptors increase sensitivity to any form of chemotherapy. At that moment, a very low dose of chemotherapy (10-15% of the usual dose) is injected with the aim of killing those weakened cancer cells.

The side effects of the chemotherapy drug on the organs are minimised due to the low dose administered. Therefore, this form of therapy is very well tolerated and can be repeated many times. It is suitable for almost all type of cancers.

It is suitable for almost all type of cancers.

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