Acinic Cell Cancer Patient Steven on His Integrative Treatment at Verita Life

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Acinic Cell Cancer Patient Steven on His Integrative Treatment at Verita Life

Steven’s Story
Steven is a young Scottish man, who surprised us by his curious and intelligent look, when he came to visit our Integrative Treatment Clinic. As an engineer, he couldn’t hide his analytical skills and his desire to increase his knowledge in all the areas that appeared before him.

When he was diagnosed with Acinic Cell Cancer, a cancer that affects a small percentage of patients, some oncologists told him that it would be better to wait for his problem to grow before taking any action. Needless to say, Steven didn’t consider following that advice and instead began considering other options that would improve his situation and help him beat the cancer.

In the video, Steven recalls the painful experience he went through when his father received traditional chemotherapy treatment that weakened his immune system and failed to help him overcome his cancer. After only 4 months of treatment, Steven’s father passed away causing great commotion and influencing Steven’s perception of the importance of great health care and of caring for a matter as important as his own health. This experience pushed him to seek a first level integrative treatment that would not only helped him overcome his Acinic Cell Cancer, but also respect the healthy cells in his body and encourage his immune system to function at the maximum level that his body could reach.

In that search, Steven traveled to Kuala Lumpur to attend a conference on cancer in which he met another Scot who told him about our Integrative Cancer Treatment Clinic. He then visited our website to see what Verita Life has to offer its patients, and convinced by what he saw and heard, he got in touch with our specialists.

Alternative Cancer Treatments
Steven learnt about IPT and other natural therapies, and how they could help him achieve his goal of beating the cancer. Along with Oxygen Therapy and a diet that helped keep his body and mind in balance and strong, Steven had the feeling that he was doing the right thing in the right place and with the best specialists.

“…I consulted 22 clinics worldwide, from the US, Germany, Mexico, UK, Singapore, Thailand … you name it and I could not find one as good as Verita Life that offers such flexibility in treatments as this clinic. I just wish that there were many more places like this around the world”, Steven said.

Steven felt in shape when he came to see our specialists the first time. The tumours in his lungs are small, but he decided to act before they became a bigger problem.

The second week of his treatment with us he could feel some nausea and “a fair amount of fluid built up” but as he shares with us in the video, they were manageable and not as horrendous as his previous radiotherapy treatment.

“The problem I find is that, cancer patients go to the doctors and they tell them: you must take radio and chemotherapy or you will die and patients do not seek for a second opinion.”, he told us, firmly convinced.

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