MasSpec Pen Can Differentiate Between Normal and Cancerous Cells

Dr Gunes Dr Hossami

Dr. Adem Günes & Dr. Abdulla El-Hossami

MasSpec Pen Can Differentiate Between Normal and Cancerous Cells

As scientists have claimed, the pattern and rate of cancer growth in the body is unpredictable and so far there is no known cure. However, doctors and cancer research teams around the world have developed a vast ideology to treat cancer and prolong lives. At present, there are numerous ways of detecting cancer such as blood/ urine tests, Biopsy, X-ray, CT scan, MRI scan, Ultrasound, Endoscopy, genetic testing and physical examinations. These tests reveal the presence of disease, tumour type, their location, size, cancer stage in order to set up a treatment plan.

The treatment methods for each patients varies according to the cancer stage and type including Surgery, Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Targeted therapy, Medication, and Hormonal therapy. Doctors may recommended Integrative treatments like Ozone Therapy, Detox, Massage, Hyperthermia, Herbal Medication plans to complement and enhance patient’s well being. A solid tumour is usually removed through primary surgery where the surgeons risks removing some of the attached healthy tissues or causing some damage to non cancerous cells. At times, a long laparoscope (tube containing camera) is inserted to help the surgeon identify and remove the tumour. The risk factors of there surgeries are that it may either damage the attached tissue or it doesn’t completely remove the tumour which is bound to regrow. To perform any surgery with accuracy and safety, surgeons must be able to detect cancerous cells during the surgery.

MasSpec Pen
A new instrument, the MasSpec Pen, is invented to make tumour surgeries more precise and effective. Surgeons can now detect and differentiate between cancerous cells and normal healthy cells with MasSpec Pen rather than performing a cryosection (frozen section analysis of removed tissue done by pathologist) which can be time consuming while patient has already been cut open. It takes about 30 minutes for the lab result where patients are prone to infection and may lose their anaesthetic state while MasSpec Pen takes only 10 seconds.

Each cancer cell is characterised by small molecules called metabolites produced by cell’s metabolism acting as cancer fingerprints. Each cancer type has its own unique molecular structure which can be identified by MacSpec Pen to detect cancer type and subtype in some cases. The pen uses mass spectrometry to diagnose cancer cells, it is placed on tissue and secretes a drop of water to moisturise it three seconds. The pen then swiftly absorb and extracts all biomolecules, metabolites that are water soluble like sugars, lipids, amino acids, and some proteins from the tissue. This sample is transferred to mass spectrometry for analysis based on unique fingerprints. The assessment result then appears on the computer screen showing whether or not cancer exists in that tissue and what kind is it. If cancer exists, the surgeon safely removes it without damaging the healthy tissue. The pen simply recognise and distinguish between normal cell or cancerous cells causing no harm to any tissue but it in fact speeds up the surgical procedures.

This Pen has been used for over 200 patients so far and proves to be advantageous by offering patients a more precise and safer surgery. After tumour removal surgery, patients must rehabilitate and take full precaution for 10-15 days. Medications to reduce pain and bowel movements may be provided.

At Verita Life, there are many Integrative Treatment options available to patients that will improve their overall well being and health conditions. These treatments have no harmful side effects and have proved beneficial to cancer patients. For more information, please contact us and choose your customized Cancer Treatment Programs with the help of our patient representatives and medical team.

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