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On the 4th of February, Verita Life joins the world in commemorating World Cancer Day, a global effort to raise cancer awareness by pushing people and governments around the world to take part in various cancer related projects. The day also highlights the numerous clinical cancer research efforts of medical institutions throughout the world as they seek to improve and develop new treatments for the many types of cancer afflicted.

Despite the currently substantial amount of resources being chanelled into Research and Development, cancer statistics are still quite grim. There is an estimated total of 8.8 million cancer deaths per year with 4 million dying between the ages of 30 to 69 years. People seem to underestimate just how common cancer is.


The annual commemoration of World Cancer Day was first observed in 2012 when the Union for International Cancer Control sought to foster a greater global awareness on cancer. The movement has slowly grown and its influence has increased over the years. Last year, World Cancer Day 2017 was supported by various international organisations including the World Health Organization, UN Joint Global Programmesme on Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control, Cancer Research UK, The American Cancer Society among many others. Multinational pharmaceuticals also provided a great deal of support for the event.

As a call for collective action, World Cancer Day aims to shape policies that will further drive investment into cancer prevention. Through an increased focus on research and development, new treatments may be developed and older ones improved. Also, the cancer community is working on gathering an evidence base on the economic costs of cancer as well as the expected return on government investment in cancer prevention.The organisers aim to create a greater public understanding on the benefit of regulatory measures that will limit people’s exposure to cancer risks such as alcohol, tobacco, environmental exposure, and unhealthy food.

On the part of individuals, World Cancer Day seeks to change perceptions on cancer and eliminate stigma. In many cultures, there is a stigma attached to cancer. This prevents people from actively seeking necessary treatment and support. Beating stigma and decreasing people’s exposure to cancer risk factors can be done through education and information dissemination by competent authorities.


This year, World Cancer Day’s theme is “We can. I can.”, a continuation of the three-year theme that started in 2016. The celebration’s theme is separated into two parts; “We can”, which talks about the collective action that the event aims to inspire and “I can” that talks about how individuals can better cope with the realities of the disease.

There are many ways to support World Cancer Day- one can make a donation to the many medical foundations that are working on new solutions for cancer. One can also purchase a Cancer Unity Band from Cancer Research UK to help funds their efforts. In addition, people can also share information on World Cancer Day by making their own custom poster or share pre-made tweets on the World Cancer Day website.

Every person that takes action against cancer brings us one step closer to beating it. With every person in the fight, we come closer to finding more effective treatments along with a better-informed and a cancer-resistant world population.

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