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Whole Body Hyperthermia creates an environment where the body’s immune system is on high alert. Systemically, this means that the overactive system will more easily introduce other cancer fighters as well as respond more aggressively to unhealthy cells.

In combination with other therapies, this can be a sound platform to begin disrupting cancer cell activity within the body. While this treatment isn’t meant to directly attack or effect tumour growth, it’s been shown to increase the potential of the body’s response to other, more direct immunotherapy treatments.

Our doctors can develop a specific and tailor-made plan that includes daily Hyperthermia sessions, depending on your specific needs. To learn about your alternative cancer treatment options and to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians, contact our patient representatives today.

What is Whole Body Hyperthermia Therapy ?

Hyperthermia usually is taken to mean a body temperature that is higher than normal. High body temperatures are often caused by illnesses, such as fever or heat stroke.

But Hyperthermia can also refer to heat treatment – the carefully controlled use of heat for medical purposes. Here, we will focus on how heat is used by Verita Life to treat cancer.

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Why choose Whole Body Hyperthermia Therapy ?

When cells in the body are exposed to higher than normal temperatures, changes take place inside the cells. These changes can make the cells more likely to be affected by other treatments such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Very high temperatures can kill cancer cells outright in more focused approaches, such is the case with Local Hyperthermia, but they can also injure or kill normal cells and tissues. This is why hyperthermia must be carefully controlled and should be done by doctors who are experienced in using it.

Our Medical Director Dr Adem Günes is a well-known pioneer in the field of Hyperthermia. Verita Life’s patients benefit from his unique protocols. We can help patients get all the tools they need to help obstruct and destroy cancer cells in a controlled and safe environment.

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