Finding the right and most suited Cancer Treatment can be one challenging responsibility as it accounts for your well being. Once diagnosed with cancer, one must be primed both mentally and physically at earliest possible. At present, there is no known perfect cure for cancer, however patients do survive and outlive cancer happily for years. This is possible with the latest contemporary treatments along with perpetual research and study in this field in order to sustain as many lives as possible. Nowadays, People are taking preventive care and are more aware of this fatal condition from the widespread information that is easily accessible.

Cancer treatment options include Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Targeted Therapy, Surgery, Biological Therapy and Oral Medications. Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapy is also another appropriate prospective Cancer treatment that provides promising results and suppresses most cancer symptoms to help patients cope up with cancer painlessly. Although there are many groundbreaking treatment options available, yet choosing the right kind of treatment may be quite challenging as each individual responds differently to each type of treatment and that no two patients are alike.


A medical expert from the University of Hong Kong affirms that Immunotherapy could be a new fundamental treatment for cancer taking over any conventional treatment methods like Chemotherapy or Surgery. Over 200 patients in Hong Kong have responded positively to Immunotherapy even in their terminal stages of diagnosis in their lungs, kidneys, skin, brain and more.

Immunotherapy is a type of biological treatment which restrains the growth and spreading of cancer by strengthening your immune system. It uses the body’s natural defense mechanism to fight cancer. This is done by boosting immunity with inborn bodily substances or lab-cultures to enhance the body’s functions. Vaccinations are given to build the body’s immune system against cancer or prevent the return of cancer after surgery. This treatment has very little to no side effects unlike Surgery or Chemotherapy that often damage healthy cells around the tumour. Immunotherapy is not only considered effective but also durable i.e. it lasts long after the treatment is complete as it teaches the immune system to remember cancer cells.

More awareness campaigns are set up in the country in order to educate the public regarding cancer and their treatment options. People can access more information and learn the benefits of Immunotherapy which has proven to be more effective than Chemotherapy.

Immunotherapy at Verita Life

At Verita Life, we provide Integrative Cancer Treatment with our qualified team of doctors and highly equipped medical facilities. We provide various Therapies and Treatments including Dendritic Cell Therapy, Natural Killer Cells Therapy, Metabolic Treatments, Biological Treatments, and so on. These therapies are objected to treat cancer patients at minimal risks and restore their quality of life by alleviating the cancer symptoms. Our patients have shown improvement in their personal well-being through our Comprehensive Treatment Programmesme that were personalised to their conditions. Immunotherapy has been successfully treating our patients globally.

For more information about Verita Life, please contact us and our patient representatives shall assist you with the details.

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