There is new hope for Cancer patients for whom conventional therapies have fallen short as they are now discovering the cure found within the human immune system itself.

This was reported by Dr. Jon LaPook (a previous report version was broadcast initially on March 12, 2017) as he told the story of Ezzy Pineda, a 12 year old Leukaemia survivor whose last resort of fighting Cancer was via Immunotherapy.

Understanding Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is using the immune system of the patient in order to destroy and eradicate Cancer cells. For Ezzy’s case, doctors took billions of her white blood cells; that are usually effective in terminating invaders such as viruses and bacteria–but not good in destroying Cancer, and then transforming them into Cancer-fighters. These cells are taken out of the patient’s body, genetically altered, trained to kill Cancer and is then injected back into the body again.

As 98% of kids with Leukaemia respond well to Chemotherapy, Ezzy’s physicians started with this treatment. Unfortunately after four cruel rounds, her Cancer had only gotten worse.

That’s why Ezzy’s final attempt proved to be successful when she signed up for an experimental treatment called CAR-T under a clinical trial located at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan.

After 6 weeks, according to Dr. Kevin Curran (paediatric oncologist who treated Ezzy), said he could not find even one Leukaemia cell. Ezzy is an example of a Cancer patient who, 10 years earlier would have been sadly informed that, “There is nothing we can do about it”.

Immunotherapy vs Conventional Treatments

Traditional treatments such as Radiation and Chemotherapy usually harm the body’s healthy tissue alongside with Cancer cells.

Thus, many are hopeful that Immunotherapy would be more focused, oftentimes sparing the normal tissue. However, there have been severe side-effects, including death.

Dr. Steven Rosenberg, who has been a pioneer at the National Cancer Institute in the field of Immunotherapy for more than forty years, stated that, “Once we knew it could work, we’ve been working around the clock,”  In 1984, he was the first physician to heal a dying patient making use of the latter’s own immune system.

He added that they have currently reached a point where doctors are able to comprehend why the patients who are treated successfully undergo tumour regression. Whereas effectual therapy for extensive or metastatic Cancer remains vague, medical practitioners are hopeful that they are at least on the right path.

Dr. Rosenberg noted that,

“If you look at all Cancer patients, perhaps 10% can be helped by immunotherapy today, but it’s getting better every day.”

As of now, patients like Ezzy Pineda remains to be an exception, but both doctors, Dr. Rosenberg and Dr. Curran are optimistic. They carry on discovering more possibilities of killing Cancer, one (formerly incurable) patient at a time.

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Source: CBS News


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