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Verita Life clinics are among the few worldwide that offer a multidisciplinary range of integrative therapies, as well as the only one to bring under one roof the full treatment protocols from the US and Europe. Verita Life treats the body as a whole to attack the cancer from many directions, restart regenerative healing powers and strengthen the immune system.

Verita Life give patients better, safer and scientific proven options to

• overcome cancer
• minimise chronic side effects
• regain and maintain immune system strength
• improve and maintain organ function
• recover from cancer related symptoms
• stay cancer-free

Understanding Gallbladder Cancer

The gallbladder is a small pouch that stores bile. Bile is a fluid that helps in the digestion of food; it helps in the breaking down of fats in food. Gallbladder Cancer is a very rare cancer of the digestive system and is usually discovered when someone has surgery to remove gall stones. People with early Gall Bladder Cancer often have no symptoms.

Although the cause for Gallbladder Cancer is not known, some of the risk factors include: age, gall stones and inflammation and non-cancerous tumours of the gallbladder.

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Most Common Symptoms

In the early stages, Gallbladder Cancer doesn’t cause symptoms; this means it could be at an advanced stage by the time it’s diagnosed.

The symptoms may include: jaundice, fever, bloating, nausea and vomiting, pain above the stomach and lumps in the abdomen.

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