Verita Life is a multinational Integrative Cancer treatment provider with a medical team comprised of doctors with many years of experience from Germany, Mexico, Thailand and more. We are highly dedicated to delivering unique treatments that targets cancer cells while minimising side effects.

7th International Conference for Holistic Healing in Cancer

On August 19th, 2017, Verita Life was invited to the 7th International Conference for Holistic Healing in Cancer in Kuala Lumpur, which was organised by Cansurvive Centre Malaysia, a non-profit charity organisation established to raise awareness of the benefits of Holistic Treatment. The conference gathered together prominent doctors and speakers in their respective fields under the theme entitled “New Age Technologies in Cancer Management”. It significantly opened the doors for an exchange of ideas amongst experts in the Holistic Treatments field.

Dr. Abdulla El Hossami, Medical Director of Verita Life Bangkok, had the honour to be a Keynote guest speaker at the conference. He has completed several professional development courses at Harvard University, Mayo Clinic, and Cleveland University specialising in Integrative Cancer Therapies and devotes much of his time to research and the development of Cancer Treatment protocols.

In his speech, Dr. Hossami shared Verita Life’s Integrative Treatments amongst an audience of medical professionals, cancer patients and their families, cancer survivors, their family members and caregivers. He mentioned, among other treatments, Hyperthermia, or the use of heat treatment to attack cancer cells, Organ Support as a part of Supportive Treatment, Primary Immune Treatment, to strengthen the patient’s Immune System and more. The key to the treatments offered at Verita Life, as Dr. Hossami stated, is to treat the cancer while supporting the immune system at the same time.

Aside from that, Verita Life also set up an informative booth where one of our Patient Representatives was available to answer any question regarding the Integrative Treatments offered at the various Verita Life Clinics.

Overall, the event has significantly contributed to raising more awareness of the positive aspects of Integrative Treatment among cancer patients.

For further enquires regarding the treatments we provide, please contact us and one of our Patient Representative will assist you at your earliest convenience.

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