Bone Cancer

Dr Gunes Dr Hossami

Dr. Adem Günes & Dr. Abdulla El-Hossami


Bone Cancer is cancer that rarely develops on its own. It normally spreads from a different type of cancer in the body. It is a rare condition, and worldwide the percentage of people diagnosed with bone cancer each year is about 0.2 percent.

The two main types of bone cancer are Osteosarcoma, which forms in the cells that grow bones, and Ewing Sarcoma, which can either develop in the bone or in the soft tissue within the bone.

The survival rate of bone cancer is normally quite high. Depending on the underlying cause of cancer, it has almost an 80% survival rate.

Symptoms of Bone Cancer
Even though typical symptoms of Bone Cancer are quite obvious and uncomfortable, they can easily be misdiagnosed, as the main symptom is simply pain. Other symptoms include:

  • Joint swelling and redness
  • Persistent pain that worsens over time and continues, even when there is no movement
  • Lumps over bones
  • Weak bones, which break frequently and easily
  • Stiffness
  • Limping and pain

Less common symptoms include:

  • Unease and malaise
  • Weight loss
  • Anemia

Causes of Bone Cancer
Bone cancer is caused by abnormally reproducing cells, which cause tumors in some parts of the bone. It is more likely to have metastasized (or ‘spread’) from cancer which is already
present somewhere in the body. Whilst it is unclear exactly what causes bone causes, there are some quite specific risk factors, including:

Previous chemotherapy or radiation treatments
Rare Genetic conditions or bone conditions
Benign tumors
The rarity of these risk factors is what in turn makes bone cancers relatively rare.

Preventing Bone Cancer
It is very difficult to prevent bone cancer, but general good health is a good way to help your body fight illness. Eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and don’t smoke or drink to excess.

As chemotherapy and radiation are risk factors for bone cancer, it can also help to seek alternative cancer treatments as early as possible, no matter what kind of cancer you have.

Verita Life not only offers primary treatments for cancer, but we can also help healthy people with no cancer diagnosis make healthy lifestyle choices to prevent cancer.

Verita Life’s Alternative Treatment for Bone Cancer
Bone cancer treatment, although widely successful, isn’t without risk. The conventional approaches for dealing with Bone Cancer are aggressive.

Verita Life’s alternate bone cancer treatment can safely destroy tumors, without the unpleasant side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation. Our immune Therapies and targeted techniques have had incredible results in treating bone cancer with far less sacrifice to the patient’s quality of life.

We specialize in integrated treatments, which can either work alone or as complementary therapies to conventional treatments. We also pride ourselves on providing entirely individualized treatment, tailored to the needs and wants of the patient. We support patient choice and autonomy over their bone cancer treatment plan.

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