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Although when caught early, the survival rate for Breast Cancer is quite high, it’s important to make sure your body has all the tools it needs to fight it off.

Our medical team not only makes sure that patients receive safe and proven treatments, but keeps them from having to take drastic measures. Our comprehensive programmes are designed to keep the body healthy while shrinking the tumour and preventing it from metastasizing.

Understanding Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a widely discussed cancer all over the world, and has been for a number of years. Even though there has been much research and widespread fundraising for awareness and even more research, breast cancer remains the most common cancer among women.

With well over a million cases each year, it represents about 12 percent of all diagnosed cancers worldwide and 25 percent of all diagnosed cancers in women.

There are numerous biological and lifestyle factors that contribute to breast cancer, so checkups for early detection remain the best way to fight breast cancer. The factors include age, race, genetics, family history and weight as well as many contraceptive and hormone replacement regimens.

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Most Common Symptoms

Other than physical changes to the breast, the symptoms of Breast Cancer are very discreet until it’s in an advanced stage. This is one of the reasons the mortality rate was so high in the 80s and 90s.

It’s most noticeable manifestations include: the classic lump of deformation, skin irritation around the breast, sore or swollen breasts and nipple discharge.

Treatments for Breast Cancer are usually quite invasive and range from chemotherapy and radiation to a lumpectomy and mastectomy, which is the removal of the tumour or of the entire breast.

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