Abnormal growth in brain cells leads to Brain Tumour (mass cancerous tissue). Malignant tumour grows vigorously and invades the surrounding tissues by taking up their nutrition. They take up space in the skull and pressure the nearby tissues thereby distorting brain functions. Patients with Brain Tumours often experience weakness, headaches, nausea, behavioural changes, memory loss as well as vision and hearing impairments.

Neuro-oncologists diagnose Brain Tumours using MRI and CT scans to capture any presence of tumour and examine their size. Biopsy Tumour examination is done on a sample of brain tissue either through surgery or with needle extraction. Brain Cancer Treatments vary according to the patient’s health condition, cancer type, tumour size and location. Major Conventional Treatments include Surgery, Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy and more. Surgery some how proves to be more invasive since the operation opens up the skull to remove the tumour which can damage the connecting brain tissue causing swelling and seizures.

Zika Therapy and Brain Cancer

Recent Brain Cancer research shows that the Zika virus has the potential to suppress and kill Brain Tumour cells by contaminating them. The Zika virus disease is caused by a virus carried by Aedes species mosquitoes. This virus is also passed on from pregnant mothers to their unborn babies, causing birth defects.

More research has been carried out on the Zika virus by modifying it just for the purpose of Brain Cancer treatment, so that it can infect only Brain Tumour cells without causing other damage. Successful lab tests on mice and donated human brain tissue indicates that Zika Therapy could be a possible future treatment of Brain Cancer.

Verita life are specialists in Integrative Cancer Treatment, with expertise that provides Customised Treatment Plans suitable for our patients’ conditions. Programmess such as IPTHyperthermia, Detoxification, Ozone therapy and Deep Tissue Massage are available as a part of the Comprehensive Treatment Package to target cancer cells while boosting the patient’s immune system at the same time with minimal side effects.

Integrative Treatment for Brain Cancer

Lance Riddle, a 60 year-old man from Australia was diagnosed with Brain Cancer  chose to pursue Integrative Cancer Treatment with Verita Life. As a part of his programme, he received Hyperthermia, Biological Therapy and Metabolic Therapy among other treatments. He continuously showed signs of improvements in physical health and progressive brain functioning. Lance reported extreme satisfaction with the doctors, facilities and supportive staff who understood his needs throughout his treatment. Information and guidance were provided to him during every step of his treatment plan, ensuring that he understood all the procedures precisely.

For more information and guidance please contact us as Verita Life to further comprehend our Cancer Treatment Programmess.


Source: BBC News

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