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Verita Life has a proven method to localize and safely destroy tumours without subjecting patients to the pain of chemotherapy symptoms or the loss of limb through amputation.

Immune Therapies and targeted Cancer-Fighting techniques have had incredible results in treating bone cancer with far less sacrifice to the patient’s quality of life.

Understanding Bone Cancer

Bone Cancer is typically a rare cancer to develop on its own. It is more likely to have metastasized from a cancer that is already present in a different form somewhere in the body. Worldwide, the percentage of people diagnosed with bone cancer each year is about 0.2 percent.

The two main types of bone cancer are Osteosarcoma and Ewing Sarcoma, the latter of which can either develop in the bone or in the soft tissue. Common risk factors for developing bone cancer are quite specific, which accounts for the main reason for its rarity. These factors include previous chemotherapy or radiation treatments, genetics previous bone conditions and benign tumours.

The survival rate is excellent overall, depending on the underlying cause of the cancer and has almost an 80 percent survival rate.

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Most Common Symptoms

Typical symptoms of Bone Cancer are usually physical and tend to cause quite a bit of discomfort. These include: joint swelling, stiffness, limping and pain. These symptoms can easily be misdiagnosed because the fact is that all the patient is experiencing is leg pain. Other less common associated symptoms range from unease and malaise, weight loss and anemia.

Treatment options, although widely successful, aren’t without risk. The typical approaches for dealing with Bone Cancer are always aggressive. Depending on the type and severity, the methods used are chemotherapy and radiotherapy, or surgery.

Surgery is often suggested to patients with tumours in their arms or legs. Removal will be 100 percent effective but not without possible nerve damage to the affected area. Other times, outright amputation is suggested.

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