Steven was diagnosed with Acinic Cell Cancer, a unique type of cancer that forms in the salivary glands. It then unfortunately metastasised into his lungs. However, since having his first Integrative Treatment with Verita Life, there’s been no cancer activity within the tumours which means they are no longer active.

Since his last treatment in late 2016, Steven has been visiting Verita Life to take some weekly Dendritic Cell Treatment together with some natural treatments and conventional ones too.

What is Acinic Cell Cancer?

Acinic Cell Carcinoma of the parotid gland is a rare tumour that represents approximately 10% of salivary gland tumours. This tumour is usually a low-grade, highly differentiated carcinoma. Women are affected with salivary gland tumours more than men, and the average age of diagnosis of all salivary gland tumours is approximately 44 years old.

Acinic cell cancer

Causes of Salivary Gland Tumours

While the cause of salivary gland tumours is unknown, risk factors include: cigarette smoking, genetic predisposition, viral infections, rubber manufacturing, plumbing equipment and some types of woodworking, as well as asbestos mining and exposure to nickel compounds. The only well-established risk factor is ionising radiation.

Workplace exposure to certain radioactive substances may also increase the risk of salivary gland cancer. In rare instances, members of some families seem to have a higher than usual risk of developing this type of cancer.

Now that Steven’s health has impressively improved, he’s determined to continue taking the home treatment packages that is provided to him,  executing positive lifestyle changes, and keep in touch with the Verita Life specialists who helped him beat the cancer.

Steven’s success story is undoubtedly an extremely remarkable one. It also encourages and inspires us to never lose hope.

We at Verita Life wish him the very best in his future endeavours!

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