Robert Gastric Cancer Patient
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Gastric Cancer Patient Robert Shares His Integrative Treatment Experience at Verita Life 

70-year-old Robert Prinable from Australia was diagnosed with Gastric Cancer which metastasised to Oesophageal Cancer, Lung Cancer, and Liver Cancer. After 20 weeks of Chemotherapy in Australia with no signs of improvement, Robert turned to Verita Life trusting that it would bring all the expertise he needs in one place.

Treatments and Improvements

Within four and a half weeks of the treatment, Robert’s CT scan showed clear improvements in his condition. He underwent Hyperthermia, Low Dose Chemotherapy and suffered no side effects. He also received the Lymphatic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, High Dose of Vitamin C and more.

Robert was keen to compare the Verita Life facilities with what he had experienced previously back home in Australia, saying, “The equipment and facilities are better than at the best hospital in Sydney I went to.”

A Word of Advice from Robert

Robert expresses his content and gratitude at how Integrative Treatments at Verita Life prioritises a person’s well-being instead of merely focusing on the tumour alone.

This should be your first stop. Here they look at your lifestyle and see what needs to change to deal with cancer”


What is Gastric Cancer?

Gastric Cancer is a disease in which malignant cells form in the lining of the stomach.

The Cancer Research in the UK showed gastric cancer to be the 16th most common cancer, which develops mostly in people aged 75 or over. This type of cancer can metastasise, usually, to the oesophagus, lungs, liver and more.

Instead of going for conventional Chemotherapy that yields plenty of undesired effects, a number of patients choose to turn to Integrative Treatments. The treatment protocols here aim to destroy the cancer cells and boost the immune system of the patient at the same time.

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