In Latvia, a breakthrough virotherapy called Rigvir has been doing wonders since 2004. This new treatment, which breaks down cancer cells, stimulates the immune system and promotes cancer cell suicide, will soon be brought to the rest of Europe partly thanks to EU support under Horizon 2020.

The treatment works on a wide variety of cancers including melanoma, colorectal, pancreatic, bladder, kidney, prostate, lung, uterine, lymphosarcoma, etc.

Many cancer patients across the world are increasingly beginning to accept that conventional treatment may not be for them. Chemotherapy, in particular, tends to deplete one’s quality of life to great lengths rather than improve it, and this is where Rigvir comes in.

Rigvir was synthesised from the ECHO-7 virus, which can be found naturally in the intestines of young children. The virus selectively targets malignant cells, which it enters before multiplying through a process called oncolysis – eventually destroying the cancerous cell. Moreover, the virus makes the cancer visible to the patient’s immune system, enabling it to fight back.

It is administered by means of a series of injections over the course of three years. Although Latima – which develops and promotes the treatment – mentions mild side effects on its website, it specifies that the most common side-effect is a subfebrile temperature lasting one to three days. This contrasts with chemotherapy, infamous for the harm it causes to healthy cells.

Rigvir is:

  • a registered anticancer drug from the International Virotherapy Center.
  • supported by a legacy of over 50 years of research that includes numerous clinical trials on thousands of patients.
  • has a demonstrated selective efficacy against a variety of tumors as well as powerful immune system modulating properties that make the cancer vulnerable to further attack.
  • has an exceptional safety profile – non-pathogenic (does not replicate or cause disease in humans), phenomenal therapeutic index, unrivaled by standard chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

It is also important to note that for some people living with cancer, Rigvir could be an important factor when used with standard treatment options in controlling the cancer in their body.

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