Virotherapy is an effective cancer treatment that uses oncotropic and oncolytic virus with the ability of a virus to find and destroy malignant cells in the body. Virotherapy is a gentle and safe treatment, it improves survival and quality of life of patients. The world’s first approved cancer virotherapy medicine is Rigvir.

How Rigvir is Used in the Treatment of Cancer

Oncolytic virotherapy with Rigvir is an active immunotherapy in cancer treatment using a virus that finds and destroys malignant cells in the human body. It has been registered for melanoma treatment in Latvia since 2004 where approximately 75% of melanoma patients are treated with this medicine. Also it is included in clinical guidelines for skin melanoma treatment.

However, in clinical practice it has also been used for treatment of several other cancers, for example, gastric and rectal cancers, where 5-year survival was improved. Rigvir has been shown to significantly reduce the mortality in melanoma stage IB-IIC patients. Further studies on the subject seem to suggest that a significant number of melanoma patients would benefit from prolonging the survival with oncolytic virotherapy treatment, what’s more, this can be achieved without serious side effects.

Despite research and progress in melanoma therapy, mortality rates are high and melanoma is one of the common cancers in the Western world. Small Lung Cancer is one of the most aggressive lung cancer subtypes. Even though its response to chemotherapy and radiation is high, recurrence is common and long term survival does not exceed 5%.

The Potential of Rigvir

Using current standard treatments, the survival of patients with present diagnoses is low. The use of Rigvir provides a great treatment alternative to various cancer patients, and also provides them with a chance of having a good quality of life. Rigvir, which is short for “Riga Virus,” was first developed in Riga, the capital of Latvia. It is a cancer-killing virus called ECHO-7, which stands for “Enteric Cytopathic Human Orphan” virus no. 7. It is found in the intestines, especially of children. “Human Orphan” means that the virus in question is not associated with any known disease.

The Riga Virus contains live ECHO-7 viruses that have both immune-modulating and cancer cell-killing properties. It has not been genetically modified. In Latvia, it is approved for use against “secondary immunodeficiency,” such as may occur following chemotherapy. Medically, it is prepared for intramuscular injections and must be stored and transported in a frozen state (minus 20º C = -4.0 F). Rigvir is not known to cause any human disease. Rigvir has never mutated in the 40 years it has been used to treat cancer and it is not genetically engineered.

Thus, the risk of this friendly “pro-virus” causing harm or disease is near zero. For some people living with cancer, it could be an important factor when used with standard treatment options in controlling the cancer in their body.

Rigvir at Verita Life

Very few doctors worldwide are trained to use Rigvir in the treatment of cancer, and even fewer clinics are able to offer it – with Verita Life being one of them.

Dr. Hossami has completed a course offered by the International Virotheraphy Center, which qualifies him to use Rigvir in oncolytic virotherapy and in the prevention of secondary immune deficiency.

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