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At Verita Life, our full-spectrum medical service relies on the latest in integrative care to treat patients in a safe and comfortable environment.


They’ll take the fear away from you and you’ll find out Cancer is just a condition that can be treated like any other
Larry G, Aged 41, Leukemia

Meet the Cancer Experts Who Will Manage Your Treatment Experience

Dr. Adem Günes
Dr. Adem Günes

Chief Medical Director / Integrative Medicine Physician

Dr. Adem Günes is a German doctor and the medical director of Verita Life. He is a world-renowned expert in integrative and complementary oncology fully committed to providing the finest set of holistic programmes and services that are backed by solid scientific research and analysis to successfully treat cancer.

Dr. Hossami
Dr. Hossami

Senior Medical Consultant / Integrative Medicine Physician

Dr. Hossami specialises in integrative cancer therapies and is the medical team leader at Verita Life Bangkok. He devotes his time to researching and developing cancer treatment protocols and has completed several professional development courses on Cancer treatment and prevention at Harvard University, Mayo Clinic, and Cleveland University in the United States. Dr. Hossami is from Canada.

Dr. Watcharavut Malikul (Art)
Dr. Watcharavut Malikul (Art)

Oncologist / Integrative Medicine Physician

Dr. Watcharavut Malikul is a senior oncologist with professional experience in Germany and Australia. He has been practicing for over 23 years and is an expert in medical oncology, radiotherapy, and integrative and complimentary cancer treatments.

Dr. Thapana Tangshewinsirikul
Dr. Thapana Tangshewinsirikul

Oncologist / Integrative Medicine Physician

Dr. Thapana Tangshewinsirikul is a medical oncologist with over 15 years of practice experience and whose expertise lies in the fields of medical and radiation oncology and integrative Cancer treatments. He also has a special interest in traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and integrative functional nutrition.

Verita Life Clinics provide Unique Integrative Cancer Treatments
that are Effective, Scientifically Proven, and Personalised

About Verita Life


Verita Life’s expertise, experience and leading edge technologies bridge the gap between conventional and integrative cancer treatment.


Verita Life clinics are among the few worldwide that offer a multidisciplinary range of integrative therapies. We give patients better, safer options to overcome cancer, minimise side effects, regain their health, and stay cancer-free.


Verita Life specialises in providing complementary and integrative cancer treatments. Currently Verita Life treatment facilities can be found in Thailand, Germany and Australia.

“I definitely feel like I made the right decision in coming to Verita Life. The staff, and the girls, and the hospitality has been fantastic, absolutely wonderful.
After a month of treatment, I feel that I’m going to live to 150. The doctors are there all the time for endless discussion – nothing is too much trouble!

Maggie T – Aged 75, Colon Cancer
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